Solar Pure Water Cleaning

Top Premier Solar Cleaning has carried out solar panel cleaning on homes across Northern California. Your solar panels are an expensive investment and it is wise to ensure they are cleaned by insured and trained professionals.

The cost benefit of keeping your panels clean makes a regular cleaning schedule easy. Increasing the power output and efficiency of your solar system by 20% or more in heavy soil areas, like farms or air traffic paths, can greatly impact your energy bill savings. The key is solar pure water cleaning.

You had your solar system installed to save you money, make sure your panels are performing at their best all year long. Many people put solar on their roofs and never think about it again until the savings aren’t adding up. Having a complementary estimate from Top Premier Solar Cleaning can provide you with the answers to why your solar system isn’t producing like it was when first installed. Hint: The panels are dirty and not performing at top efficiency, or possibly birds or other pests have taken up residence.

Solar Cleaning

In fact, if you have solar panels on your roof and a pool in your backyard, we guarantee that you have a bird problem even if you can’t currently see one. When your solar panels were first installed, you probably noticed a significant drop in your electric bill. With advancing technology end ever more efficient solar panel systems, more and more home owners and businesses are feeding power back into their electricity grids with solar power created on their rooftops.

However, you may have noticed that, over time, your system has seemed to lose efficiency. This seems impossible, as the sun is still shining, and the photovoltaic cells in your solar panels are still pointing in the direction of the sun’s bright rays. How can this be? Most likely, your solar panels are dirty and/or have been corroded or damaged by letting things like bird droppings, moss, algae, dust, residues, and dirt accumulate on them. This explains how our solar pure water cleaning system is the best strategy to keep them clean.

The company that sold or leased you your solar panels may not have told you this, but they need to be cleaned regularly as part of their maintenance to avoid degradation and loss of efficiency. You can’t just spray them off with a pressure washer, though. So, what can you do to keep your solar panels clean and functioning properly?

Solar Panel Cleaning Kits

We’re impressed with what we saw with the solar pure water cleaning magic to the system is that it uses Ultra-Pure water, ensuring that no harmful or corrosive chemicals come in contact with the solar panels. This not only cleans away dirt, dust, and debris, but it also does it gently to keep the surface of each panel in pristine condition.

The system’s three critical components Solar Panel Cleaning Kits give you everything you need to clean solar panels: The Hydro Tube 4-stage water purification unit to provide chemical-free, ultra-pure water for a glassy, spot free solar panel finish. The Flip Lock II Telescopic Poles for reaching every part of the solar panel array.  And the Speed Brush – specifically designed to clean glass surfaces like those on solar power systems.

Solar Cleaning

We use only the highest quality we use the reverse osmosis deionized water for superior cleaning power and environmentally friendly. We ensure that panels are producing at top capacity and regularly monitor panel degradation. We visually inspect both the solar equipment and your roof making damage reports and providing repair consultations when necessary. Our solar panel cleaning kits are the best.

In fact, included with regular cleanings, we perform a 6-point system health inspection every time we visit your solar panels keep them producing as many kilowatts as possible.

You wouldn’t believe how quickly dirt and grime can accumulate on your solar system. Leaves and branches, bird droppings and dust; yuck is always falling from the sky making your solar panels inefficient and costing you money. Unclean solar panels can mean a power loss of up to 20% or even more in windy areas.

Regular solar cleaning helps maintains and ensures maximum power (kW) output and savings in your pocket. Set up a regular service plan with us and save double: Save on your power bill and save on the cost of solar panel cleaning.

Solar Cleaning

Solar Panel Water Cleaning

 Top Premier Solar Cleaning services all residential and commercial sites with owned or leased solar energy systems. To protect your investment, we use high-quality products that are specifically designed for the best cleaning service. No corrosive chemicals, only the purest reverse osmosis deionized water. Our 3-stage filtered pure water is fed through an extension pole with a brush made specifically for washing solar panels and other glass of the highest quality. Based on your needs, one-time cleaning and monthly maintenance programs are available.

We don’t use metal objects or harsh abrasive products for removing caked on materials scratching the glass on a solar panel can affect its performance because the scratches cast shadows over the photovoltaic (PV) cells.

Solar panel glass is generally high quality so only clean reverse osmosis deionized water and a little scrubbing will remove even the most stubborn grime. Keeping solar panels clean is our main solar cleaning solution free from shade and in good electrical order are all essential parts of solar panel maintenance.  For a more detailed overview of our services, please visit our website!

We use only pure, properly filtered water pumped through an extension pole with a soft brush attachment to ensure that no damage is caused to the glass and your solar panels are left sparkling, spotless and ready to crank out those kilowatts! We guarantee our Top Solar Panel Water Cleaning services will make you a satisfied customer. Call us today we will show you the expert way to preserve your solar panels. We are here to give you the best service. Mention this article when you call and get 30% discount today guaranteed. 856-430-4186

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